2022 , The Creator Incubator, Newcastle

50 Clyde St. North Hamilton

spatial installation, 
Photography: Brontë Naylor

THERE IS JUST TIME is an investigation into the documentation of time. This public art installation uses the building outside of its function as a commercial structure or place. The spatial work observes the site as a sun dial using paint to trace evidence of the light on the benign day of 15th of February.

The artist is using very familiar language, numbers noting time, and placing them in the corresponding shadow cast at that time. This communication has the benefit of being well understood. This installation holds the somewhat hidden agenda of being an anti-mural. A mural that is not a replication of an “image”. Rather, a genuine investigation of the site, structure.

To extent the ‘play’ of the artwork Naylor’s has made the structure into an optical illusion. From one particular point

on the footpath the viewer can see a perfect circle painted over 7 different surfaces of the building. The “I get it” is an instant value exchange of between the viewer and the artwork. There is an inclusivity when people move their bodies around the space to make the circle line up. The viewer can shift around the space, either on foot, by bike or in a vehicle, manoeuvring from the view of a abstract shapes to a reveal a circle. This participation, over time, makes this a durational piece.