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Brontë Naylor
The Jetty

2021, arcylic
4 x 8 m

Juddy Roller Colour Tumby Bay 
Tumby Bay,
South Australia,  
The research that informed ‘The Jetty’ was undertaken in collaboration with the Tumby Bay community and the local National Trust Museum.

This site-specific mural focuses on the jetty as an icon of the township's modern identity. The jetty is used by locals and tourists as a place of leisure, fishing, swimming, contemplation, and a meeting point.

In May 1972 the Minister for Marine & Harbours proposed halving the length of this landmark as a way to reduce maintenance commitments. The community picketed and protested against this action, citing that the decommissioning of this asset would strain the township identity. These sentiments were voiced as clearly then as they are now.

The contemporary reenactment and reimaging of the protest conveys the continued investment in the preservation of the jetty.

Tumby Bay and this project are on Barngarla land.